Frequently asked questions

What is your strength as a make-up artist and hairstylist and do you have a signature style?
I am creative, motivated, detailed, punctual and I work with enthusiasm. I think it is important to always be “on top of my game” and what I also find important is to always be well prepared.
After all, good preparation is half the battle. Whether I’m working on a concept for a photo shoot or for a bride, I always go for it 100%. Whether that is a modern hairdo with a tight bun, an elegant updo, a boho hairdo with braid, or a casual half loose / half fixed hairstyle, trendy or a classic variant. My signature style can therefore best be described as versatile, but the most important thing is that the Bride feels beautiful, special and special at her wedding, that the whole picture is correct, but outside of all that recognizes herself when she looks in the mirror and sees a more beautiful version of herself in it!

Where do you get your inspiration and energy to create the perfect look?
I think it is fantastic to create a perfect look together with the bride and to make it a wonderfully beautiful, fitting, radiant and complete look together, so that she goes home with a smile on her face and full of confidence and completely happy with her wedding look. In addition, I am always looking for the latest trends, make-up, methods and techniques. It’s something that keeps me busy 24/7. It’s my passion.
I really love my job!

Is professional makeup and hair really necessary?
Beyond doubt! Make-up & hair styling complete the picture. You can definitely see that in the photos. I think it’s important that you are an even more beautiful version of yourself on your wedding day. By applying a personal & natural make-up you accentuate the beautiful sides of yourself and you radiate that. You’re still like you, but with some extra wow. If your own wedding isn’t a good reason to spoil yourself, when will it?

What is a try-out? Can I bring someone to the try-out?
A try-out is planned three to six weeks before the wedding day. During this try-out I listen to your personal wishes and look at what best suits your wedding dress and hairstyle, your face shape, your personal style, the color of your bridal bouquet.
Based on this, we do a bridal make-up and bridal hairstyle. This way you prevent surprises on the wedding day itself and you also create peace with yourself.

Yes you can, nice. There is room to bring max 2 people.

What is useful to know prior to the try-out?
I would like to receive the following information no more than 2 weeks prior to the try-out:

Pictures of you in your wedding dress- front and back!
Photo’s of yourself on which your hair length is clearly visible: front, side and back!
Inspiration/examples of Bridal hair and Bridal make-up (from both 3 to (max) 5 inspiration images.
Based on this information I prepare the try-out, if necessary I would like to think along with you about your desired Bridal hair and Bridal make-up look, so that you are the most beautiful version of yourself on your wedding day!

Keep the following points in mind:
– Make a selection on Instagram or Pinterest of Bridal Hairstyles and Bridal Makeup looks that appeal to you.
-It is best to look for pictures close to your own skin tone, eye color and hair color.
This way you get as realistic an image as possible. For example, a blonde hairstyle can look very different on brown hair.
This also applies to your eye color and the makeup colors, eyeshadow colors come across differently on each eye color.

Do I still have to do certain preparations before I come to try-out?
-Please come with dry and clean hair (wash the evening before the try-out so that the very soft hair of the freshly washed hair is off – for the shelf life of your hairstyle / strokes / curls)
-Wear a top in a light/solid color, which is closest to the color of your wedding dress.
-Come made up, as you normally look in everyday life in terms of hair and makeup. This gives me an idea of what you look like in everyday life.
-If you already have an accessory, nice, please take it with you because it is a part of your hairstyle. (if you don’t already have a hair accessory, that’s okay, I have several accessories in my office. During the try-out we can see which accessory is the best and most beautiful fit for your bridal hairstyle.

How far in advance should I book?
The sooner you do this the better. When you know that you want to book me -Marion de Waard, Bridal hair and Make-up, if you want to book a bridal stylist it is advisable to set the date as soon as possible, then you can be sure that your wedding date is guaranteed for you.

What happens if you are unexpectedly ill on the day of the wedding?
Should this happen, be reassured. I have a network of other bridal stylists that I can call on in case of an emergency. During the try-out I take extensive photo’s and notes, I can then share this with the other bridal stylist so that you are still in good hands.

Can wedding guests also come to you?
Yes! On the day itself I can also provide the wedding guests with make-up and hair styling.

Is it necessary that I also have a try-out as a bridal guest?
No, this is not necessary. I do have a short conversation with the bridal guest beforehand about the personal wishes, the clothing and the possibilities.

Can I also order the used make-up?
No, I don’t sell make-up products, but I’m happy to give advice on where to buy the used make-up. After the try-out you will receive a list of the used make-up products that were used during the try-out and where you can purchase them.

Does the make-up on my wedding day stay on all day?
Yes, I use professional decorative cosmetics products (eg. All A brands such as YSL, Chanel, Dior, Clinique, Biotherm, MAC). By using a good day cream capsule beforehand and a good (natural) base, your make-up stays beautiful and good throughout the day. This is an absolute must!

Does the makeup need to be updated on my wedding day?
Not in itself, with a good prep of a good day cream capsule and the techniques I use, the basis stays in place. It is always nice to have a kit on standby with a powder against shiny, a mascara in case a tear has been shed and possibly a lipstick.

Why is foundation and powder used? I’m afraid this is very visible.
If the foundation and powder is applied in a natural way and in the good complexion (equal to the complexion of the skin) you will not see that you have anything on. It is intended to make your skin nice and even, so that it looks better on your (wedding) photos.

I never use makeup, I’m afraid I’ll look unnatural. Do you take this into account?
You don’t have to use a lot of make-up for a beautiful result. “More is just less”! A good & natural base is important for several reasons. It evens out your skin and gives you a fresh open look. I always ask the brides to come to the try-out with the makeup they normally wear. Because of this I know what you look like in everyday life! This gives me a better idea of what your personal style is.

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