Frequently asked questions

Looking for an experienced makeup and hair stylist for your big day? Do you want to look like yourself, but at your best? I love to make you shine! Please contact me to discuss the possibilities! Below you will find a number of frequently asked questions.

Is professional makeup and hair really necessary?

Yes! Make-up & hair styling complete the picture. You can definitely see that in the photos. I think it is important that you are an even more beautiful version of yourself on your wedding day. By applying a personal & natural make-up you accentuate the beautiful features of yourself. You are still like you, but with some extra wow.

By the way, if your own wedding is not a good reason to be pampered, when is it?

I have no idea what I want in terms of makeup and hair, is that a problem?

This is not a problem at all, I am happy to help you! It is important to schedule a try-out. We will then discuss your wishes and there is time to determine the best look for your important day.

What is a try-out?

A try-out is planned four to six weeks before the wedding day. During this try-out I will listen to your personal wishes and look at what fits best in terms of makeup and hairstyle with your wedding dress, your face shape, your personal style, the colour of your wedding bouquet. Based on this we do a bridal makeup test and bridal test hair style.

Can I also order the used makeup?

Nee, ik verkoop geen make-upproducten, maar geef graag adviezen waar je de gebruikte make-up kunt kopen. Na de try-out krijg je desgewenst een lijstje mee waar de gebruikte make-up producten op staan die gebruikt zijn tijdens de try-out en waar je deze kunt aanschaffen.

Does the makeup stay on my wedding day all day?

Yes, I use professional decorative cosmetics products (including YSL, Chanel, Dior, Clinique, Biotherm, MAC). By using a good day cream capsule in advance and a good (natural) base, your makeup will stay nice and well throughout the day.

Does the makeup need to be updated on my wedding day?

Not in itself, with a good prep and the techniques that I use, the basic remains well. It is always nice to have a kit stand-by with a powder against glimmering, mascara and possibly a lipstick just in case..

Why is foundation and powder used? I’m afraid this is very visible.

If the foundation and powder is applied in a natural way and in the right complexion (similar to the complexion of the skin), you will not see that you have anything on. It is intended to make your skin nice and even, which makes it more beautiful on your (wedding) photos.

Can wedding guests also come to you?

Yes, they are welcome! On the day itself I can also provide the wedding guests with makeup and hair styling.

Do I need a try-out as a bridal guest?

No, this is not necessary. I do have a short chat with the bridal guest about their personal wishes, clothing and options beforehand.

I never use makeup, I am afraid that I will look unnatural. Do you take this into account?

You don’t have to use a lot of makeup for a great result, “More is less” A good & natural basis is important. It makes your skin smooth and gives you a fresh open look. I always ask the brides to come to the try-out with the makeup they normally wear. This way I know what you look like in everyday life! This gives me a better idea of ??what your personal style is.

Where do you get your inspiration and energy for creating the perfect look?

I think it is fantastic to create a perfect look together with the bride and together make it a beautiful, fitting, radiant and complete look, so that she goes home with a smile on her face and confidently and completely satisfied. In addition, I am always looking for the latest trends, makeup, methods and techniques. It is something that keeps me busy 24/7. It is my passion. I really love my job!

What is your strength as a makeup artist and hairstylist?

I am creative, motivated, work in detail, I am punctual and I work with enthusiasm. I think it’s important to always be “on top of my game” and what I also find important is to always be well prepared. After all, good preparation is half the battle. Whether I am working on a concept for a photo shoot or a bride, I always go 100% for it. The point is that the Bride feels beautiful, special and special at her wedding, that the whole picture is right, but that everything recognizes herself when she looks in the mirror and sees a better version of herself in it!

How far in advance do I have to book you?

I advise you not to wait until just before the wedding day. This way we can see in time what your look will be during a try-out and you know for sure that I have not already been booked on your date.


I’m Marion de Waard and I love to make you shine! With over 20 years of exprecience.

I am doing what I love the most. Creating a perfect Hair & Make-up look to enhance your beauty on your weddingday. With my experience and several workshops and education I stay up-to-date and no challenge is too big!

Call or email me if you have any questions or want to know what the opportunities are! There is a lot possible! Feel free to contact me.
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