Marion de Waard
Nieuwegein, Utrecht, Nederland
M: (+31) 06 48 95 24 60

KvK: 30285526

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    Left: Sanne van Pinxten Photography
    Right: Jiwa Stories Photography
    I’m Marion de Waard and I love to make you shine! With over 20 years of exprecience.

    I am doing what I love the most. Creating a perfect Hair & Make-up look to enhance your beauty on your weddingday. With my experience and several workshops and education I stay up-to-date and no challenge is too big!

    Call or email me if you have any questions or want to know what the opportunities are! There is a lot possible! Feel free to contact me.
    Marion de Waard
    Poortenaarlaan 58
    3431 RJ Nieuwegein, Utrecht

    M: +31 6 48 95 24 60
    KvK: 30285526