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Marion de Waard

Congratulations with your engagement

An exciting and fun time begins, with a beautiful day ahead. Are you looking for an experienced bridal make-up and hairstylist? Do you want to look like yourself, but at your very best? I feel honored to be able to contribute to such a special day for you and your husband-to-be with beautiful bridal make-up and a beautiful bridal hairstyle. I make sure that your bridal look is completely tailored to your personality, your wishes and of course I make sure you have a perfect match with your wedding dress. This way you can be sure that you are the shining center of your marriage. And whether that takes place in the Netherlands or abroad: I will come to you. Curious about my work? Then take a look at my portfolio. Curious how other brides have experienced my services? Then take a look at the testimonials.

I am Marion, an experienced Bridal Makeup and Hairstylist with over 20 years of experience. I practice my profession as a professional Bridal Make-up and Hairstylist with a lot of love and passion. I work on commercials and fashion reports in magazines in the Netherlands and far beyond the borders. My work is published regularly and can be found in various magazines.

During the try-out I look at what really suits you, your bridal dress and your wishes and together we create the perfect wedding look for your wedding day.
I think it is important that you are completely at ease on this exciting but above all beautiful day and that you can give your YES word with a smile!


Have you already done your research and do you think I am the wedding stylist that suits you? I sincerely hope so! I would like to help you be the most beautiful version as a bride. Please contact me so I can check my availability for your wedding date. After your request you will receive an email from me with 2 information brochures: 1) The Luxury Bridal Hair & Makeup Package and 2) The PA for a DAY Luxury Package!
As soon as I have received an answer back with a confirmation that you are going to book, your wedding date is fixed in my agenda! If desired, we can schedule an introductory meeting by telephone before the try-out takes place.


Prior to the try-out, I receive inspiration from you regarding hair and make-up and I prepare the try-out accordingly. We make it a fun, creative morning, just like trying on your wedding dress is a party, so is the try-out of your Bridal Hairstyle and Bridal Make-up! I would like to receive you 3 to 6 weeks prior to the wedding in my workspace that I have at home in Nieuwegein. During the try-out I look at what suits you, your bridal clothing and your wishes and together we create the perfect wedding look for your wedding day. I think it is important that you are completely at ease on this exciting but above all beautiful day ahead and that you can give your YES word with radiance. It is not only important that the bridal make-up looks beautiful in real life, but the bridal make-up must also look good in various types of light (day, evening and flash), because after all, the photos remain in your memory in addition -to the valuable memories in your heart- a special memory of this beautiful day! A try-out also provides peace of mind in that respect! The try-out takes 2.5 to 3 hours. There is something delicious waiting for you and you are welcome to bring someone with you. After the try-out – once your bridal look is finished – I will take photos of your Bridal Hairstyle and Bridal Make-up and fill in the face chart with the products used, which you sign for approval. I also “time” how long we spend on your bridal look. I keep this information in a file with your details, so that on the wedding day I know exactly which products I need, along with other important information about your big day.


On your wedding day, I would like to come to the location where you prepare for your big day. During the try-out, we timed how long the process of Bridal Hairstyle and Bridal Make-up takes. Depending on a number of things, this takes 2 to 3 hours. In addition, I count separately the time for putting on your wedding dress, because I think it is not only important that you look your best, but it is also super nice when the preparation of such an important day is also relaxed, it is really a moment of rest for yourself, I like to put you at ease. Really a moment of pampering for yourself before your big day starts!

Would you like more information about me, my working method or how you can book? More information can be found on this website or feel free to contact me.
I will be happy to send you more information. I’m already looking forward to hearing from you, and to transform you into the most beautiful version of yourself -as a bride- on your wedding day! I hope to see you soon, lovely bride to be!

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